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Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is one of the most popular intellectual games on Android todayThe game takes the idea of ​​a magical world – where residents are round balloons that live together happily. But one day, suddenly a dark force, headed by evil evil “squares” threaten to invade this land and turn the “resident” ball becomes square as he clears through a very modern machine. Even, this monster also plots to make the Earth “deformed” into a square and gradually expand the universe.

Along with the task of pushing the red ball forward, collecting the yellow stars on the way and slowly advancing to the lair of the monster to destroy them, Red Ball 4 also takes the player on the adventure. Very interesting, pleasing to the beauty of the green grass, the vast sky or gentle river flow.

Play Red Ball 4 for free on It is one of our best Puzzle games!