Red Ball 5

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Red Ball 5

Red Ball 5 is one of the most interesting adventure game online in the infinite kinds of skill game. If you have been interested in the earlier versions of Red Ball, you cannot ignore this version, Red Ball 5. With the simple control, attractive features and challenging adventures, Red Ball 5 can be regarded as one of the most famous games today.

This comeback of Red Ball with Red Ball 5 made a great shoot with the players due to the amazing and exciting challenges. In the game, players have to control the red ball, make it move smoothly avoiding very dangerous impediments on its way. When you play the red ball game, you do not only use rolling and jumping manipulation to control the red ball, help it avoid the impediments, but you also have to collect all the yellow stars to go on your adventure.

red ball 5

Walkthrough of Red Ball 5

Being similar to the earlier versions, this is the way to play Red Ball 5:

Use arrow keys to make the red ball move, collect the yellow stars and avoid all the impediments on its way. After overcoming all the challenges of one level, you can continue challenging yourself in the next level, more difficult and more exciting.
Instead of the arrow keys to make the red ball move on, players can also use these keys:

  • A and D keys: to make the red ball move to the right or move to the left.
  • W and space keys: to make the red ball jump up.
  • D and down arrow keys: to make the ball stop in front of dangerous impediments.

Fun facts in Red Ball 5

Right in the first level of Red Ball 5, players can be blown away. Not only the making the ball move on, jump up and down, players have to have a detailed strategy to overcome all the challenges, complete all the missions of each level. Red Ball 5 has 30 level, from an easy one to a very difficult one.

In each level, players have to collect enough the required number of the yellow stars and find the magical door, which leads them to the next level. That is when you have completed all the mission in the former level. Besides, do not ignore the boxes with barleys inside, try to get them.

Players are given 3 lives, which are shown by three red hearts on the corner of the screen. When the red ball fall into the hole with pallets, touch the impediments or monsters but do not kill them, players will lose a half of the red heart. When players lose a red heart, they will have to turn back to the former level that they have completed to continue the game. So make sure that you are always pay attention. When players unluckily lose all of 3 lives, they will have to come back to the start line and begin a again in the first level.

red ball 5 unblocked

The achievements of players after each level of Red Ball game are judged by the time players needed to complete the level and lives left after the level. The first level is so easy and there is not any significantly challenges, so you should try your best to finish it as soon as possible with 3 stars and try not to lose any lives.

From the second level, monsters begin to appear, turning out to be one kind of impediment, your adventure is not so easy like the former level so far. You have to follow the arrows on the way. The route will become longer and longer. Try to reach the red flags, when you come, they will turn green. They are the milestones that mark places you have passed by. When you lose a life, you can go back to the nearest flag to continue the game.

In the next stages, the difficulties will increase, the impediment will come in large number and more difficult to control. Not only collecting stars, but you also have to kill the monsters, avoid the bullets and collect keys to open the blocked road. The boxes seem to be ordinary, but sometimes it turns out to be so beneficial.

It is too hard to reach the final battle, but please do not give up when you have not completed all the missions yet.
Red Ball 5 is a free game online, you can play red bell game anywhere, anytime. Red Ball 5 is provided in both computer and mobile phone, so you can play it whenever you have free time. This game online is totally free. If you are the beginner, you can read introductions and walkthrough below.

Red Ball 5 has beautiful colorful features, from the scene, the impediment arrangement, to the dangerous monster, you can suddenly see some familiar characters, such as SpitShooter, Spiked Cactuses, Spiders… In each level, music and sounds changes, too. This can make players feel so excited when play red ball game. Red Ball game is now one of the most famous games, with more than 10 million per day. Red Ball 5 is also received more than 1 thousand positive comments, and the game is rated 5/5 stars, the maximum level, by players.

Although Red Ball 5 has only 30 levels, the prissiest players will so satisfied with this game. The game has so many amazing features, difficult and exciting challenges. If you want to go on a interesting and funny adventure, want to see the amazing and beautiful scenes, you should try playing Red Ball 5 now. The game will blow you away immediately.

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